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JumpSnapJump off pounds in a snap with JumpSnap, the amazing ropeless jump rope system.

With the JumpSnap you will burn 3 times more calories compared to the boring treadmill.

This is because it uses more muscles which resutls in more calories being burned.

In just 5 minutes with the JumpSnap you can burn an amazing 100 calories. In addition to losing weight you will also be toning up your body.

Anyone can easily use the JumpSnap system. It requires minimal skill and coordination. The JumSnap also has a built in calorie counter allowing you to see how many calories you’ve burned.

The oomplete JumpSnap system includes:

  • 2 Handles With Built-In Calorie Counting Computer
  • 3 Interchangeable Weights For Each Handle
  • Four Easy To Follow Workouts Featuring Celebrity Trainer Sean Barth
  • A Mesh Carrying-Bag
  • The Eat Smart Guide
  • The Cheat & Eat Sheet – never feel guilty again
  • Free JumpSnap Yoga Mat
  • Free Lifetime Memberhship to JumpSnap Nation with 24/7 online support

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The JumpSnap system normally retails for $59.95 but right now with this special offer, JumpSnap is yours for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling.

Get JumpSnap – The Ropeless Jump Rope

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