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SolarFlex MatBring the yoga studio to your own home with the SolarFlex Mat. It lets you do hot yoga, Pilates, and even resistance workouts.

You can get into shape at home and avoid those expensive and often crowed yoga classes. With SolarFlex you can lose weight faster, become more flexible and eliminate pain.

What makes the SolarFlex unique is that it radiates Far Infrared heat waves deep into your body while you workout.

This radiant heat emitted from SolarFlex will allow your body to stretch farther than you could under normal circumstances. The heat can also help double the amount of calories being burned, all without you having to put forth an extra effort or spend any more time exercising.

The Solar Flex is specially designed to release stress, tension and toxins while also helping you build lean muscles throughout your entire body.

You just simply have to turn on the Solarflex and workout on it to burn extra calories. The heat waves will help detoxify the body by warming and melting away fat. It also increases perspiration and  helps stimulate cardio workouts for better results.

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The Solar Flex costs $199.95 plus shipping and handling. A free 3-Step Training DVD and a free SolarBelt to help you melt away additional pounds is included.

You can also take advantage of a trial offer and try the Solar Flex Mat for 30 days first, risk free. You just have to pay $39.95 plus shipping and handling.

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