Dry Fast

Dry FastDry Fast is the energy saving dryer blanket that can dry your clothes up to 40% faster. It gives you wrinkle-free clothes right out of the washer with any ironing needed.

With Dry Fast, you’ll be saving both time and money. Plus it softens and steams your clothes while removing wrinkles and the build-up of static electricity.

The team behind Dry Fast discovered that a regular load of laundry doesn’t reach its dry point until 20 minutes into the load. But with the Dry Fast energy saving blanket, the dry point starts within 2 minutes.

The outer material of Dry Fast absorbs the moisture from the laundry while the inner material heats up from the heat of the dryer and drys the outer material.

With each tumble, the specially design tabs grab the bellowed blanket and steam is pressed out through the dryer vents to dramatically reduce wrinkles and the drying time. This results in up to a 25% reduction in energy use.

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Order one Dry Fast Blanket for $14.99 plus shipping and handling and you’ll get an additional Dry Fast blanket for free. As a special bonus you’ll also receive a free Dry Booster Blanket thatf is perfect for larger loads.

Update: This offer has expired

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