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DotzaDotza is the easy and cool way to create amazing dimensional effects.

There are lots of different ways to use a Dotza Marker Pen. You can create dimensional dots, Dotza “O’s” and Dotza Beans.

These Dotza Markers are 2-in-1 and can be used as a regular marker as well.

Plus along with the Dotza markers, you’ll also receive Sprayza, the amazing airbrush coloring system kids love.

The complete Dotza Color Kit includes:

  • 12 Dotza Pens
  • 60 Creation Images
  • 12 Sprayza Pens
  • 2 Sprayza Tools
  • 20 Stencils
  • 2 Instruction Books

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Right now you can get Dotza and Sprayza for just $19.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Kids will have hours of creative fun.

Get the Dotza Color Kit

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