Touch And Brush

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Touch N BrushEliminate messy and sticky bathroom sinks forever with the amazing Touch N Brush toothpaste dispensing system. It is the new hands free, mess free toothpaste dispenser. 

The Touch and Brush dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste everytime with its patented Vacuum Force technology.

Touch and Brush works with any tube of tooth paste. No more struggling to get the last drop of tooth paste out anymore. 

Say goodbye to messy and sticky bathroom sinks. No more crusty toothpaste tubes. No more fighting for the last drop of toothpaste. No more kids leaving behind a morning mess. 

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Right now when you purcahse the Touch and Brush for $19.99, you’ll also get a Sonic 4x Tooth Bursh for free. Use it to eliminate on contact. Order now and get a $90 total value for $19.99. 

Get Touch and Brush + free Sonic 4x Tooth Brush

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