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ZommThe Zomm is the first ever Wireless Leash for your cell phones that ensures you stay connected and safe with just a touch of the button.

First it provides quick emergency dialing with just a touch of button. It also functions as a hands-free speakerphone with ease and it also ensures that you’ll never lose your phone again.

Zomm connects wirelessly to your cell through the built-in Bluetooth connection. It features a high-powered micro speaker and noise-cancelling microphone.

Setting the Zomm up is quick and easy. It’ll work with all cell phones that comes equipped with Bluetooth. Plus you can customize Zomm to call any emergency number you want.

When you need to dial for emergency help just press the Z-button located in the center. It’ll help ensure you safe when your phone is out of reach of your hands.

Zomm also has an out-of-range safety alarm feature. It sounds off an alarm when you are too far away to make a safety call through the Bluetooth of your phone. You can also use this feature to help find your lost keys.

Just attach Zomm to your key chain and when you lose your keys, just turn your phone off. The Zomm alarm will start sounding and you can listen to the noise to located your keys.

The mobile hand-free speakerphone option of the Zomm is convenient use while you are driving.  You won’t have pull out your phone while driving, which is illegal in many states, and you don’t have to put on an ear piece.

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The Zomm comes in White, Black and Pink. A single kit includes a the ZOMM Wireless Leash Device,  Clear Plastic Belt Clip, Micro-USB Wall Charger, Micro-USB Update Cable, Key Ring and Quick Start Guide.

You can order Zomm for $79.995 plus shipping and handling. Plus as a bonus, you’ll receive a free Safe Driving Kit valued at $40. It contains a Zomm car visor clip, Quick-release keychain, Low-profile USB charger  and Power cord.

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