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Taebo T3The Tae Bo T3-Total Transformation Training system is Billy Blanks’ newest and greatest Tae Bo workout yet.

It is designed for a total transformation of the body, mind and life all together.

New to Tae Bo T3 is the ergonomic, one-pound T3 hand weights which improves the effectiveness of the workouts.

By adding weight resistance to your T3 workouts, the hand weights will accelerate and maximize your fitness potential.

With Tae Bo T3, you’ll get everything you need to lose weight and get fit fast. It includes:

  • The Power Within: Ignition
  • The Power Within: Acceleration
  • The Power Within: Transformation
  • Blanks-Sensei: Learn the Moves
  • Target Tae Bo
  • Hand Weights
  • Tae Bo Weight Loss Success Guide
  • 30 Day VIP access to Billy’s Web Club
  • On-the-Go Guide for Healthy Eating
  • The Power Within Bracelet

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You can order the Tae Bo T3-Total Transformation Training for just 3 easy payments  of $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Or you can make 1 payment of $59.85 plus shipping and handling and get priority handling for faster shipment.

Update: This offer has expired

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