The Nazis A Warning from History

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The Nazis A Warning from HistoryThe Nazis: A Warning from History is a powerful documentary from BBC Video and Time Life that follows the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party to their fall.

Acclaimed historian Laurence Rees examines why a civilized nation was able to fall under the control of Hitler and commit the atrocities they did.

He exposes popular myths and provides an understanding of the real forces that caused the darkest events that have occured in modern history.

This documentary includes interviews with witnesses and perpetrators, along with archived films and records. You’ll see what it looked like and felt like for the average German at the time.

You’ll see first hand Hitler’s charismatic rise to power and how he was able cause a civilized society to fall under his power. It takes a look at the Third Reich from the inside out

The Nazis: A Warning from History is a winner of the Peabody award and has been named as “One of the best documentary series of all time”.

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This documentary contains over 9 hours of footage on 4 DVDs. The first part is The Nazis: A Warning from History. It provides an in-depth examination of Hitler’s reign, and the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

The second part is Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State. It shows the camp’s evolution and the decisions that allowed such an inhuman place to come into existence.

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