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Cami SecretCami Secret is the new fashion accessory that can instantly give you look of a camisole but without any of the bulking.

It looks just like a camisole but is actually a quick and easy clip on that is designed to attach to your bra straps.

The clips allows you to slide the Cami Secret up or down to control how much cleavage you want to show.

It is perfect for controlling the neckline of low cut tops, sweaters, dresses and much more. You can expand your wardrobe, get that layered look and add a touch of color instantly.

Each Cami Secret is made with a breathable, lightweight material and has a pretty lace border. It is one size fits all.

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You can get the Cami Secret with a lace trim or without. For just $10 plus shipping and handling you get a set of 3 Cami Secret in black, beige and white.

But there’s more because with this double offer you’ll also receive an additional 3 Cami Secrets in brown, navy, and ivory for free. You just have to pay for the extra shipping cost.

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4 Comments on "Cami Secret"

  1. jean stecher on Tue, 28th Dec 2010 7:33 am 


    this product is the greatest item they have ever made,i am so happy with it..very comfortable,and it ,can’t say enough about this product,except go buy some..

  2. kathy conley on Mon, 21st Feb 2011 9:36 am 


    i like them. they really work. but on tv they show the connecting strap clear and makes it look easy to attach. but i find it hard to attach and unattach.afraid it will rip. and also the snaps are not even.

  3. k new on Fri, 3rd Jun 2011 11:32 pm 


    I love this product and wear it several times per week. I live in the desert where summer temperatures are above 120 and winter lows of 78. With your product, I no longer have to wear a hot/snug tank top or full camisole.

    I would very much enjoy a wider selection of colors, various shades of blue, green, brown/tan, yellow, blue, grey, etc.. I also have bras with wider straps and am not able to wear your product with them. Do you plan to offer Cami Secret with wider connecting straps?

  4. shutters on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 5:57 pm 


    Love these. Just wish they came in more colors. Grey, Pink and Baby Blue would be a great color combo pack. Green, Yellow and Orange would also be a pretty good combo. Gold, Silver and Bronze (or Copper) would be great for the Holidays or Parties!

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