Leak Ender 2000

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Leak Ender 2000Leak Ender 2000 is the miracle sealer that can stop and fix any leak fast, guaranteed. Use it and save time and money.

The formula in Leak Ender is a special liquid rubber compound. It completely fills any crack or separation as it hardens, sealing it water tight.

It is works quickly and is easy to use. You first find the leak then turn off the water. Next just spray on Leak Ender over the leaking hole. Then let it dry and your done.

Leak Ender 2000 works with all kinds of materials. This includes metal, wood, cement, brick, baked enamel, and much, much more.

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Order today and get a giant sized Leak Ender 2000 for only $14.95 plus shipping and handling. It’s enough to fix hundreds of leaks.

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  1. William R Gilmore on Thu, 9th Jul 2009 2:21 pm 


    I want to purchase Leak Ender 2000 but I want to order by phone & I don’t see a telephone #

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