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Richard Simmons Project HopeProject Hope is an all new weight loss and fitness system from Richard Simmons, who is still one of America’s most well known fitness trainer. Hope in Project Hope is actually stands for Health, Optimism, Passion, and Energy.

This fitness system is a 90-day program and consists of a variety workouts, diet plans, and food recipes to help you loss weight and transform your body. It is developed by Richard Simmons using his over 30 years of experience in fitness and weight loss.

Unique to Project Hope is the Electronic Foodmover. It is small and portable handheld device which lets you keep track  of your daily meal portions and calories. The Foodmover lets you know when you had enough calories for the day and teaches you good eating habits, portions and balance.

Project Hope also includes a set of 3 DVDs with 9 different workouts and over 150 minutes of different exercises. In the DVDs, Richard shows you how to perform the exercises correctly and motivates you with his famous flamboyant and eccentric personality.

The 3 DVDs are separated into 3 months to correspond with the 90 day program.  A single session takes only 30 minutes or less so even those with busy schedules can find time.

The workouts uses a method called Triple Training that which features a sequence of cardio and toning exercises to maximize weight loss. Then at the end there is a challenge challenge to help build your fitness level.  With Triple Training your body can burn up to 3 times more fat compared to just traditional cardio exercises alone.

The first DVD is Month 1: Commit.  It contains easy to do exercise to help prepare your body to start burning off body fat. Month 2 is Push which ups the difficulty a bit with slightly more challenging exercises. This helps keep the weight loss coming and also helps tone and sculpt the body. The last DVD is Month 3: Burn. The workouts now ore reps and challenging moves have been added to transform your body and change your life.

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You can order Richard Simmons Project Hope for 2 payments of $29.99 plus shipping and handling. In addition to the Electronic Foodmover and the 3 DVDs, it also includes Foodmover Nutrition Guide and Foodmover Pocket Guide.

Plus you’ll also receive these free bonus gifts with your order:  Rotation Calendars, 7-day Blast Off Meal Program, a Membership to Richard’s Premium Weight Loss online Program, and V24Plus Multivitamins.

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