ShamWowShamWow is the ultimate towel, capable of holding 12 times its weight in liquid. Clean up your spills and mess fast with the ultra absorbent ShamWow towels. They are strong but will not scratch surfaces.

ShamWow! is like a towel, chamois, and sponge all in one. It is machine washable and bleachable, so you can use it over and over again. ShamWow is so durable that the company has amazing 10 year warranty on it.

With ShamWow you can even use it to dry sweaters. Simply place a wet sweater on a large ShamWow towel, roll the wet sweater tight and place a rubber band around it. In a few hours it can dry your sweaters in half the time of an ordinary towel.

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This Internet offer of ShamWow is the same great deal as the one on the television infomercials. You can get a total of 8 ShamWow! towels for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. This includes 4 large ShamWow clothes and 4 mini ShamWow clothes.

The large ShamWow towels are 20 by 23.5 inches and the minis are 15 by 15 inches. You can cut them into smaller sizes as you see fit.

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