Diamond-z4 Ring

Categories: Jewelry

Diamond z4The Diamond-z4 from the Sterling Collection is a cubic zirconia ring that captures the spark and beauty of flawless diamonds on one of the famous ring designs in the world.

Even many jewelers have a hard time telling the difficult between the Diamond-z4 CZ stone from genuine mined diamond because of their similarity. So if many trained jewelers can’t tell the difference, why would anyone else can?

The Diamond-z4 ring is a true masterpiece being offered at an unprecedented price. You can get the fire and brilliance of a flawless diamond ring without having to pay thousands of dollars.

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Categories: Health and Beauty, Jewelry

LifeStrengthLifeStrength is an ion wristband that is made with authentic minerals and gemstones which naturally emit anions. They crushed into a fine powder form and then further charged to a higher anion level with FAR infrared technology.

Then the crushed mineral minerals and gemstones are infused into the polymer of each wristband. This process allows the highest anion charged bands to be created.

Each LifeStrength band has a charge level of between 1,200 to 1,800 anions per cubic centimeter. These aninons can be absorbed through the skin and can provide various benefits.

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Royal Heirloom Ring

Categories: Collectibles, Jewelry

Royal Heirloom RingCelebrate and be part of the engagement and royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton with the Royal Heirloom Ring.

Kate”s story is a modern day fairytale where an everyday girl meets her prince and will eventually become queen of a country.

The Royal Heirloom Ring is a limited edition replica of the ring betrothed to Kate Middleton by Prince William.

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iRenew Bracelet

Categories: Health and Beauty, Jewelry

iRenew BraceletThe iRenew Energy Balancing Bracelet may help restore your balance, improve your strength and provider you with greater endurance.

iRenew goes beyond what ordinary magnetic and ionic jewelry does. It uses the newest and most powerful energy balancing technology that is available today.

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Categories: Business and Finance, Jewelry

Cash4GoldCash4Gold is America’s number 1 gold buyer and is the easy well to get quick cash for your gold and jewelry.

Getting cash for your broken and unwanted gold has never been easier with Cash4Gold. It is fast, easy and secure.

The process is simple.  First you just complete the online form to request your free Refiner’s Return Pak.

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Categories: Jewelry

BidzBidz.com is the premiere online site for jewelry auctions at great bargains.

Unlike many other auction sites, Bidz actually owns the jewelry they sold so they can guarantee their authenticity and quality.

Since Bidz purchases lots of jewelry in the sum of millions at a time, you can enjoy significant discounts off the retail price.

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