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LifeStrengthLifeStrength is an ion wristband that is made with authentic minerals and gemstones which naturally emit anions. They crushed into a fine powder form and then further charged to a higher anion level with FAR infrared technology.

Then the crushed mineral minerals and gemstones are infused into the polymer of each wristband. This process allows the highest anion charged bands to be created.

Each LifeStrength band has a charge level of between 1,200 to 1,800 anions per cubic centimeter. These aninons can be absorbed through the skin and can provide various benefits.

A few potential health implications from anions includes increased endurance, mental performance, deeper sleep and improved energy. Anions also help neutralize harmful free-radicals by giving up their extra electrons to the high-energy free-radicals, preventing damage to cells.

Some of the benefits people find from wearing a LifeStrength wristband includes improved flexibility, a greater range of motion, diminished pain, less emotional tension, and improved awareness. The band works to restore the body to its natural state and the positive effects can be different for everybody.

Ion wristbands like LifeStrength are very popular with athletes, many of find that they give them better energy, balance, flexibility and recovery when working out or competing.

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The LifeStrength wristbands are available in 5 different stylish colors with Black, Gray, Turquoise, White and Hot Pink. They comes in various sizes and normally sells for $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

But with this current buy 1 get 1 free offer you can get a second LifeStrength wristband for free by paying the extra shipping cost. You can pick any two color combination and sizes that you want.

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