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The Firm WaveThe Wave by The Firm is a new revolutionary personal gym and speed slimming system.

It combines cardio and strength training in Speed Slimming Intervals, allowing you to blast off the pounds and chisel a leaner, shapelier, sexier body in no time.

The Firm has now taken its proven training methodology to a whole new level with the Wave.

The Wave is like ab machine, butt and thigh toner, strength and cardio platform and stretching device all in one. It lets you do over 100 exercises that workouts your whole body.

With the double-sided breakthrough design, you can perform both stepping and rocking exercises on it.

The Firm Wave Speed Slimming System includes:

  • The Wave Personal Gym
  • Ride The Wave DVD
  • Speed Slimming Sculpt DVD
  • Rock It Off! DVD
  • Express Abs DVD
  • The Wave Mat
  • Success Guide Book
  • The Wave Learn the Moves Wall Chart
  • Sculpting Band
  • Rock Solid Buns DVD

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Everything included with the Firm Wave Speed Slimming System is valued at $300 but right now you can order the Wave for just 3 easy payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Or you can also pay it all at once with 1 easy payment of $89.85 plus shipping and handling.

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