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Aero KnifeThe Aero Knife is new light as air knife that cuts like a razor and food almost never sticks to it. This is because it has an aerodynamic design with holes that reduces the surface area by 60%.

The smaller surface area allows it to be extremely light and makes it much easier to handle. Cutting requires less force, strength and pressure. Your hands won’t get tired as fast compared to ordinary heavier chef knives.

Plus these holes also prevents food from sticking onto the knife as well. You can quickly make cut after cut using the Aero Knife, saving you time.

The Aero Knife can cleanly and quickly cut through fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, and more. You can use it for all your kitchen cutting tasks, including carving, filleting, slicing, or chopping.

Since the Aero Knife is so much lighter and easier to use, it can help reduce your cooking prep time and speed up your prep work. This can easily become your chef knife of choice.

Other knives tend to dull out over time, making them harder to use. But the Aero Knife is guaranteed to stay razor sharp for life. It is made with precision laser cut, forged stainless steel.

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The Aero Knife is 10 inches in length with a 6 inch blade. It sells for $10.00 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Currently there’s a special offer which you can also take advantage of.

For an extra $6.99 you can add a second Aero Knife and also an Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener to your order. This special offer is not available in stores.

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