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Magic MeshKeep the bugs out and the fresh air with the Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door. It is a new type of screen door that opens easily and then automatically closes itself behind you.

So even if hands or full or a family members always forgets to close door, the bugs are still kept out while fresh air can still enter your home.

Magic Mesh works because of a set of 18 strategically placed magnets. When you separate them, they’ll automatically snap back together into place.

Now you no longer have to work about leaving your door open again and letting bugs in your home. At the same time, you can let cool air and even reduce your air conditioning bill.

A great thing about the Magic Mesh is that it’s pet friendly too. Your dog or cat can enter and go as they please and the Magic Mesh will snap close right behind them.

Magic Mesh fits on standard single doors and sliding doors. It also works great on the doors of RVs too. You can install it in just seconds without having to use any tools, nails, or screws.

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The Magic Mesh is valued at $40 but you can purchase one for just $19.95 plus shipping and handling. But there’s more because right now there’s a buy 1 get 1 free offer available.

You’ll receive a second Magic Mesh for free if you pay for the additional shipping and handling cost of it.

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9 Comments on "Magic Mesh"

  1. helen on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 3:56 pm 


    could you please what sizes the magic mesh comes in thank you.

  2. Annette on Sun, 24th Jul 2011 1:47 pm 


    How would the sides work on double sliding doors?

  3. Mike on Tue, 2nd Aug 2011 1:41 pm 


    What are the measurements?

  4. Kay on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 8:34 pm 


    What are the measurements Please.

  5. Linnea on Sun, 28th Aug 2011 5:36 pm 


    I also need to know the measurements. Thanks

  6. Dominick Bonura on Mon, 12th Sep 2011 9:42 am 


    What are the size? and How do u tack mesh to RV siding door?

  7. Kathy Salthun on Wed, 14th Sep 2011 6:00 pm 


    I have a slider that is 48 inches wide and 78-80 inches tall. I need to know what the measurement of the magic mesh is. Looks like it would work well if it would fit.

  8. rose on Tue, 11th Oct 2011 6:07 pm 


    I can’t find the measurements to the screen, please write me back and tell me so I can measure the door opening.
    Thank you.

  9. Roy on Fri, 30th Dec 2011 10:14 am 


    Has anyone received the dimensions? Thanks

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