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Living Pure HeaterThe Living Pure  Pro Series 4-in-1 heater lets you stay warm and slash your heating bills at the same time. It is fast working heater, air purifier, air filter and humidifier all in one.

Living Pure is perfect for any home and family. It features a compact design that can heat up to 1,000 square feet, keeping you and your entire family warm.

There’s an adjustable temperature control and the unit will heat your room up to the targeted temperature quickly. Plus it does so while being whisper quiet.

Unlike ordinary heaters, the Living Pure is extremely safe and is not a fire hazard. There are flames, fumes or deadly monoxides generated from the heat.

The Living Pure also dry up the air like traditional heaters. Instead there is a built-in humidifier that moistens the air produced by the heater. That way you and your family can stay warm and still breathe.

In addition the Living Pure also has an air filtration system and air purification built-in. It helps remove dust and particles while the PCO system removes offensive odors in the room.

The controls of the Living Pure are designed to be easy to use. There is an LCD screen that lets you see the selected temperature and other features. A remote control is also included for simple and convenient operation.

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The Living Pure  Pro Series 4-in-1 heater are available in two different colors. You can choose from either Woodgrain or Black.

You can order the Living Pure for $374.95 with free shipping and handling. The unit comes with a 60-day money back guarantee period and includes a 3 year warranty.

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