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Ionic Pro TurboProtect your family with the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier that is revolutionizing the air purification industry by removing the airborne particles that make you sick.

It is the only silent ionic air purifier with triple action technology. This makes up to 3 times more effective than the competition at half the price.

The Ionic Pro Turbo has a patent pending germicidal chamber that kills germs and bacteria and a unique Oxygen Plus filter that turns smog and ozone into pure oxygen.

It will destroy bacteria, germs, and mold spores while removing cold & flu viruses, pet dander, smoke, pollen and more.

The Ionic Pro Turbo has been proven to capture 99.9% of the airborne germs in a standard size test room in less than one hour.

Plus it runs silently and there’s no filters to replace. In addition, it is also extremely energy efficient and uses about the same amount of energy as a night-light.

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The Ionic Pro Turbo retails for 3 easy monthly payments of $59.95 but right now you can get a 30-day trial. By paying just the shipping and handling cost of $29.95 you can try the Ionic Pro Turbo for 30 days risk free.

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  1. Ian Rowe on Sun, 16th May 2010 12:29 am 


    What traps the dirty particles & do you remove something to wash it?

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