3 Minute Legs

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3 Minute Legs3 Minute Legs is  the revolutionary lower body-sculpting machine that can help reshape your problem areas fast. You can get tighter, leaner and shapelier legs.

It provides a sculpting workout that is based on squats and lunges, which are two of the most effective exercises for the lower body.

3 Minute Legs features a unique breakthrough design with guided assistance technology. This technology helps support you on the way down and also gently assists you on the way up.

The assistance helps unload much of the stress caused on your joints and allows you to sculpt all the different muscles in your legs and buns without the normal strain on your knees and back. There is even a depth control cable in order to prevent you from going too low.

When using 3 Minute Legs you also be working out your core area in addition to firming your legs. So you can get flatter abs as well as firmer and sexier legs. Plus the resistance level can be adjusted by adding a support band so you can get a more intense workout.

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The 3 Minute Legs has a comfortable cushioned seat and will glide smoothly over all kinds of surfaces. It is made with a sturdy steel frame and can support up to 275 pounds and is also height adjustable.

3 Minute Legs sells for $113.95 but with this current offer you can try it home first for 30 days risk free by paying $14.95.  Plus you’ll receive the Upper Body Sculpting Bands along with a Meal Plan and Workout Books with your order.

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