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Grill GloveKick your cook outs up a notch with the Grill Glove. It the heat resistant cooking glove that puts the power of the grill into the palms of your hands.

The Grill Glove is made with 100% food grade silicone, has flame deflection technology and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 5 finger design of the Grill Glove makes for easy gripping and gives you control that tongs and untensils can’t.

You can use the Grill Glove for hamburgers, hot dogs, steaaks, skewers, kabobs, baked potatoes, or corn on the cob. Plus it an be used to flip entire roasts, briskets, or even a rack or ribs.

The Grill Glove is actually more sanitary to use since it doesn’t rust like steel utensils. Plus it withstands heat longer than standard oven mitts and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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Normally a single Grill Glove would cost $14.99 but with this double offer, you’ll get a second Grill Glove for free. That’s 2 Grill Gloves for just $14.99 plus shipping and handling.

But there’s more because you’ll also get a free Lava Mitt with your order. You just have to cover the additional shipping. The Lava Mitt lets you take out hot boiler pans, cookies sheets, cake tins and more out of your oven with ease.

Get the Grill Glove and free Lava Mitt

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2 Comments on "Grill Glove"

  1. AJ on Mon, 2nd Aug 2010 2:24 pm 


    This product actually looks pretty good. I would defiantly buy it for cooking hamburgers/hot dogs. It would make heating up the buns much easier and stop the risk of burning yourself. Or for making Kabobs – nummy!

  2. Gloria on Wed, 5th Sep 2012 10:12 pm 


    When I bought the glove I thought it came with two so now I need to order another one, wish I knew that and if your hand is bigger then a women hand, good luck with that, it even has little fingers. Other then that it was great, you can grab eggs from boiling water or meat from the grill…

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