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Nic-BlockHave you tried to quit smoking but failed? Then Nic-Block is the solution that can help you.

Nic-Block helps you cut back on your nicotine and quit naturally.

It removes up to 90% of the nicotine and tar from cigarettes. giving you the flavor but none of the toxic chemicals.

Until you can completely quit, use Nic-Block as part of your strategy to help kick the smoking habit for good.

It will help reduce your urge to smoke by cutting down on the nicotine level you receive per cigarette.

In addition, it will lessen the harmful impact of smoking like tar. Plus it reduces the risk of second hand smoke to those around you.

One pack of Nic Block is good for one carton of regular sized cigarettes.

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Right now with this special offer you can try up to 3 packs of Nic-Block for free. You just pay the shipping and processing cost of $6.95 for each pack you want.

Update: This offer has expired

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