Love My Face Pillow

Love My Face PillowThe Love My Face Pillow is an anti-aging pillow that helps protects sleep lines, wrinkle and creases from forming while you are sleeping.

Ordinary pillow can actually make your face look older and age faster each night. With this occurring day after day and year after year, the results can really add up.

This is because regular pillows compresses your skin and grasp your skin while you sleep, causing pillow face. It can cause sleep lines, puffiness, and wrinkles.

But the Love My Face Pillow is specially designed to help prevent that. It features a patented Double Crescent Design that supports your face and prevents it from compressing.

The design keeps the delicate skin tissue off the pillow so your beauty sleep won’t cause your skin to age faster. Plus even when you turn left or right in your sleep, the Love My Face stays put and doesn’t move and will still keep your face cradled.

Aside from our face from wrinkles, there’s also many other uses. You can fold it in half for back support, use it to support your neck while bed reading or  you can also use it to sunbathe. Plus it is small and compact enough that you can take it with you while you travel.

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A single Love My Face Pillow along with a Satin Pillowcase normally sells for $19.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. But currently there’s a buy 1 get 1 free offer which is available.

You’ll recieve a second Love My Pillow and Satin Pillowcase with your order for free. You just have to pay the extra shipping and handling cost for the free set.

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