Zpr Bag

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Zpr BagZpr Bag is the awesome new bag that you can personally design, with one zip at a time.

It is the only bag that lets you customize your only design by putting strips in or taking them out.

With Zpr Bag you can change your bag to match your mood, your outfit, or your mind.

There are 5 fabulous color combinations available. There’s Chocolate & Pink, Teal & Lime, Sand & Chocolate, Lime & Pink, and Pink & Teal.

The Zpr Bag kit comes complete with:

  • 2 End sections with magnetic closures and hooks for the matching straps
  • 2 Narrow Zip Strips
  • 1 Wide Zip Strip
  • 2 Straps
  • 50 Brilliant Decorating Gems
  • Design Guide

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You can order a Zpr Bag for just $19.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. You also have the option of adding a 3-strip Pattern Pack to further customize your Zpr Bag for just $9.99.

Update: This offer has expired

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