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Show Stoppers is the double sided fashion tape which keeps your fashion fastened. It’ll help keep your wardrobe looking classy.

You can use ShowStoppers to fix a revealing dress, close a shirt gap, conceal bra straps, create a perfect hem, and much more.

Show Stoppers is used by celebrities and models to prevent unexpected clothing malfunctions during photo shoots, at the red carpet, or just going out.

Using Show Stoppers is simple and it only takes seconds. You just peel the double sided sticky tape, put it in place, and you’re ready to go.

They are one of the most durable fashion tapes available on the market. The foam adhesive used lasts up to 8 hours and leaves no residue behind when removed.

The innovative colors of Show Stoppers compliments almost any outfit. The stripes comes in a convenient and portable packaging that you can easily keep inside a purse or a desk at work.

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With this current offer you can get a pack of 24 ShowStoppers stripes in Nude and a pack of 24 stripes in Black for just $14.99 plus shipping and handling.

But that’s not all because you’ll also receive free bonus Evening Bag and a free Top 10 Celebrity Stylist Secrets to Looking Your Best guide with your order. You just have to pay the separate shipping and handling for them.

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