Cabin Cuddler

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Cabin CuddlerThe Cabin Cuddler is the amazing travel blanket patented foot pocket and a pillow. It helps keep you warm and comfortable.

It was invented by an airline pilot of 20 years. The contour cut covers every inch of your body and the patented pocket helps keep your feet warm.

It is more comfortable than other travel pillows and is also easier to store.

It comes with a reversible tote bag that holds the blanket and pillow. Use it to conveniently carry it with your luggage.

The inflatable pillow that comes with the Cabin Cuddler fills quickly & easily. Use the Cabin Cuddler anywhere including at home, in a plane, in a car, in the office or outdoors.

Now you never have to worry about germs on airline blankets again with convenient and portable Cabin Cuddler.

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Order the Cabin Cuddler now for just $29.95 plus shipping and handling, $5 off the suggest retail price of $34.95. It is available in red or black.

Update: This offer has expired

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