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eFaxeFax makes faxing anywhere easy and is the largest digital fax network in the world.

It is the fast and reliable way to fax using email and the Internet. You can send and receive faxes as email attachments.

With eFax you’ll get a real local or or an international fax number from over 2,000 cities around the world

This number is tied to your email. Any incoming fax will be automatically transferred to your email and could be viewed electronically.

eFax will save you  money as it eliminates the need for an extra fax line, a fax machine, paper, ink, phone bills and machine repairs.

Plus you get the added mobility of sending and checking your faxes from anywhere whether you are home, the office, a hotel room or on vacation.

In addition, eFax can automatically convert over 31 computer document formats to faxes, including Word documents, PDF files, picture files and more.

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Plans for eFax start as low as $14 a month. Currently there is a special 30-day free trial offer of eFax that lets you try the service before you buy.

This 30-day trial allows you to receive faxes at up to 5 different email addresses and send up to 30 fax pages.

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