Shed Ender

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shed-enderShed Ender is a professional de-shedding tool that removes shedding hair trapped in your dog or cat’s undercoat. 

The specially designed head of Shed Ender grabs  and removes the loose shedding hair, revealing your pet’s shiny, healthy top coat.  It will not cut the hair or hurt your pet. 

Now you’ll remove shedding hair before it ends up all over your house, furniture and clothes.  Your pets will love it and you’ll be amazed to see how much hair was trapped under their coat.

Shed Ender works for both long and short hair pets. It removes shedding hair where other brushes fail. With Shed Ender, keep shedding hair off your pet and out of your house and promote a shinier coat for your pets.

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Currently you purchase Shed Ender for only $9.99 plus the cost of shipping. This offer is no available in stores. That’s not all. You can also get a Lint Wizard, a self cleaning lint brush, for free with your order. All you have to do is pay the additional shipping cost.

Get Shed Ender + free Lint Wizard

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