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ezcrackerEZ Cracker is the new and easy way to crack and separate eggs. It cracks eggs,  separates egg whites, and strip shells from hard boiled eggs in just seconds.

Now you can enjoy eggs without any mess or hassles. You no longer have to worry about tiny pieces of egg shells getting into your food.

Boiled eggs can be a real hassle to crack. But not anymore with the amazing EZ Cracker.

EZ Cracker is so easy to use. You first insert an egg into the EZ Cracker. Next you squeeze gently perfectly crack any egg.

EZ Cracker is uniquelly designed so that if fits eggs of all sizes. Use it to cook and enjoy a delicious shell-free breakfast. 

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Right now you get the EZ Cracker for $19.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. But that’s not all, for every order you also get the Bacon Wave, a $20 value, for free.  Just pay the additional shipping.

With the Bacon Wave you can make perfect bacon that is healthy and without the fat and grease right in the microwave.

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One Comment on "EZ Cracker"

  1. Barry Jones on Tue, 11th Jan 2011 2:55 pm 


    Want to purchase but wont let me as i am in New Zealand and looks like only USA availability??? can you help or were else this can be purchased please thanks Barry

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