Big City Slider Station

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Big City SliderBig City Slider Station is the mini burger sensation that has been sweeping the nation. You just scoop, press, and cook on any stove and in just minutes you’ll have 5 mouthwatering sliders.

Meal time or snack time, every time’s the right time for some sliders. With the Big City Slider Station you can cook the perfect mini burgers in just 2 quick minutes.

Parents love how fast the Big City Slider Station can put lunch on the table. You simply just scoop, press, and cook.

The Big City Slider Station will work on any stove and the sliders are ready in just 2 minutes. There’s no flipping invovled witht he double sided surface.

Kids lover to eat mini burgers and cleaning the Big City Slider is extremely easy. It has a non-stick surace.

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Now for only $19.99 plus the cost of shipping, you can get a Big City Slider Station, a free Deluxe Recipe guide, a free measuring spoon, and a free Quick Prep Slicer.

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