Big Boss Grill

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Big Boss GrillSimpifly your kitchen with the Big Boss Grill, the amazing all-in-one countertop appliance.

It can be used as a grill, griddle, waffle maker, omelet pan, donut maker, sandwich maker and more.

The Big Boss Grill will make cooking any meal for you and your family quicker, cleaner, and easier.

It comes with interchangeable non-stick plates that allows you to easily cook what you want. These removable plates are dishwasher-safe for easily cleaning.

The Big Boss Grill has dual cooking surfaces that cooks both sides evenly at once. This allows your meals to be ready in half the time.

The Big Boss Grill comes with:

  • 2 Grill Plates
  • 2 Griddle Plates
  • 2 Waffle Plates
  • 2 Sandwich Plates
  • 2 Doughnut Plates
  • 2 Omelet Plates
  • Recipe Book
  • Plate Storage Rack

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The Big Boss Grill normally sells for 4 payments of $19.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. But right now it is only 3 payments of $19.95 plus shipping.

But there’s more. You’ll  also receive a free Big Boss Chopper food processor with your order. You just have to pay the additional shipping cost.

Get the Big Boss GrilL + free Big Boss Chopper

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4 Comments on "Big Boss Grill"

  1. Milton Pereira on Wed, 10th Feb 2010 12:34 pm 


    Is it possible to order the slider plates for the big boss grill seperately. I saw them on the TV ad, but they were replaced by a chopper when I ordered the grill

  2. Marvelle Dann on Thu, 18th Feb 2010 7:06 am 


    My daughter and I are having a wonderfull time cooking with the big boss grill.She absolutely loves it.It’s so quick and easy to use.She wants her own.I would recommend it to any one out there.You can eat healthier and save time.

  3. KATE FRIEDERICHS on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 2:05 am 


    I just saw your infomercial starring Viki Lawrence at 4 a.m. with the advertised price as $39.99 but can’t find it on line matching that price. All the prices I see are almost $60.00 I would order it in a heartbeat if I could get the grill at that price….maybe even two and use one for a gift. As you can see, I even got out of bed to order it.

    Kate Friederichs

  4. Betty Trober on Sat, 3rd Nov 2012 9:09 am 


    Does this machine have a timer on it? I don’t find a mention of it even on TV. Sounds like a great cooker.

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