Wuggle Pets

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Wuggle PetsThe Wuggle Pets are the cute and adorable stuffed animals which kids bring to life themselves. They are fun-filled animals that kids can create, collect and trade.

You build the Wuggle Pets by using the included Fill Factory to the soft and fluffy stuffing and magic sprinkle. Just crank the factory and the pet will be brought to life.

To make sure the fluff doesn’t fall out there’s a crafty zipper tool to help zip up your Wuggle Pet. Now there ready to be played with and hugged.

Each pet even comes with its own Birth Certificate so kids can fill them out and name after building their very own Wuggle Pet.

There’s currently 8 different Wuggle Pets that are available, including a Cuddly Puppy, Magical Unicorn, Funny Monkey, Clever Raccoon, Bashful Bear, Playful Pony and more. Each Wuggle Pets is authenticated by a tiny “birthmark” on their ear.

With the optional voice box you can even make the Wuggle Pets talk. Just record your own message and place it inside the Wuggle Pet.

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You can order the Wuggle Pets Starter Pack for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It includes the Cuddly Puppy and the Magical Unicorn Wuggle Pets along with the Fun Filled Factory, 2 Bags of Fluffy Stuffing, 12 Personality Charms, 2 Bags of Magic Dust, 2 Birth Certificates and a Zipper-Up Tool.

Or get the Wuggle Pets Party Pack all all 8 Wuggle Pets for $49.99 plus shipping and handling. It is great for birthdays, holidays, family activities, and other special events.

Get the Wuggle Pets Starter Pack or Party Pack

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10 Comments on "Wuggle Pets"

  1. Debra Kelley on Sat, 5th Nov 2011 12:25 pm 


    I would like to know how to get all 16 of them my little one really wants the dinasaur can you tell me how to get them please

  2. Lori Block on Thu, 24th Nov 2011 12:37 pm 


    How do you get the voice box for the Wuggle Pets?

  3. Vernis Shepherd on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 7:23 pm 


    How do I order the voice box for the wuggle pets?

  4. EDWARD DENNIS on Tue, 29th Nov 2011 6:52 pm 



  5. sue on Sun, 4th Dec 2011 4:21 pm 



  6. Michael on Wed, 7th Dec 2011 7:37 am 


    How can I order the voicebox?

  7. Joan Lefferts on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 3:59 pm 


    How do I order the voicebox?

  8. cheryl jones on Fri, 30th Dec 2011 2:23 pm 


    How do I order the voice box?

  9. Janet on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 9:34 am 


    how do we order the voice box

  10. Gina del Real on Thu, 22nd Jun 2017 10:55 am 


    Please make more of these…my kids still love them!

    And, I’d like to give as gifts to other kids.

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