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Happy NappersPresenting the Happy Nappers Perfect Play Pillow. They are the play pillows that can magically reverse from their home sweet home to a stuffed animal.

All you have to do is unzip the magical door to wake them and then take them out to transform your Happy Napper pillow into a full 21″ play pal.

When you’re done playing with the Happy Napper, just kiss them good night and return them back to their Home Sweet Home and it’s a pillow again.

Happy Nappers are great for kids whether it is for traveling sleep overs, just playing or for happy napping. They’ll make an excellent Christmas or birthday present.

There are currently six different Happy Nappers available, each with their own special home. Plus they each make their own unique noise when you ring their sleepy sound doorbell.

You can choose from the Barn to Cow, Castle to Dragon, Bungalow to Ladybug, Igloo to Penguin, Dog House to Dog, or the Palace to Unicorn.

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Each Happy Nappers sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Order more than one Happy Napper at once and the additional ones are just $14.99 plus shipping. If you get all six Happy Nappers, you’ll get free shipping on your order.

A portion of the proceeds from each Happy Napper sold is donated to the Home Sweet Home Fund, which benefits the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

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5 Comments on "Happy Nappers"

  1. LATANYA green on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 12:04 pm 


    how does your happy nappers work

  2. luis prieto on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 12:51 pm 


    do you ship to Puerto Rico

  3. Christy Landwood on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 9:20 am 


    These are just like pillow pets, and pillow pets came out first.

  4. Amy Sanders on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 9:27 am 


    I totally agree with Christy, I got my neice one for Christmas and she told me, “I already have one”. I replied “no, your mommy said you didn’t”. she said “no, I already have a pillow pet.” That’s how I knew that they were so similar.

  5. julia sullivan on Sat, 11th Jun 2011 9:08 pm 


    i love happy nappers!i dont have one but i want the pengein,i think hes so cute

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