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Pearl Hair RemoverThe Pearl Hair Remover is a new home removal system that provides professional hair removal results in an easy to use design. It is completely painless and will slow down hair growth in addition to removing unwanted hairs. So you can shave less often.

Now you no longer have to rely on outdated home hair removal solutions such as shaving, waxing, or tweezing, which can be painful or  messy. The Pearl on the other hand offers a quick, easy, and pain-free method of removing unwanted hairs from the privacy of your own home.

The Pearl can be used to removed hairs on the arms, legs, back, chest, and even the face with the small tip attachment. It strong enough to remove the thickest hairs, so it can be used by men too.

The technology behind the Pearl Hair Remover is it’s revolutionary thermotransmitter. When you turn on the Pearl and glide it across the skin, the theromotransmitter send heat pulses into the hair follicles. The heat pulses removes the hair from the follicle and also inhibits hair growth. So over time, the hairs take longer and longer to grow back.

These heat pulses are gentle and does not irritate the skin and works just as effectively on all skin tones and skin types. Plus the Pearl features a bi-directional optical sensor that allows it to remove hairs as you glide the Pearl forward and backwards to remove hairs faster and save you time. Other similar products only removes hair in one direction and takes longer to finish.

By getting the Pearl Hair Remover you no longer have to go to constantly go to the salon for expensive hair removal treatments. It delivers comparable results while saving you money over time.

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The Pearl Hair Removal system includes Pearl Hair Remover, Bottle of Soothing Serum, Large Tip for Body, Small Tip for The Face, 4 Large Buffer Pads, and 4 Small Buffer Pads. It sells for $199.99.

Currently with this 30-day risk-free trial offer, you can try the Pearl Hair Remover at home first just by paying the shipping and handling cost. If you are unsatisfied you can return the Pearl within the 30-day period you can send it back with no further obligations.

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