Neckline Slimmer

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Neckline SlimmerWith the Neckline Slimmer from Paul Younane, you can reverse the effects of aging without cosmetic surgery.

It is the world’s first resistance toning system for the neck, chin and face. In just 2 minutes a day you can have dramatic results.

Neckline Slimmer will give your face a lift resulting in tighter and firmer skin. It eliminates sagging skin and can reduce a double-chin or neck folds.

It does for your neckline what exercise does for your body, making you look and feel younger.

The Neckline Slimmer was developed by world-renowned physiotherapist Paul Younane as a system that tightens the muscles to keep your face and neck looking young and beautiful.

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Order the Neckline Slimmer now for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It includes three levels of resistance springs.

In addition, you well also receive a free bonus kit worth $40. It comes with a Carrying Bag, an Instructional Training DVD and Paul Younane’s European Firming Accelerator Cream.

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6 Comments on "Neckline Slimmer"

  1. anne on Thu, 2nd Jul 2009 10:33 am 


    Can you get just the neckline slimmer for $19.99 without the bonus item. I have been told that the 2 items are shipped separately doubling the cost you have to pay for shipping.

  2. Gloria Vander Schaaf on Mon, 6th Jul 2009 10:39 am 


    Can I purchase this item in Canada. I live in British Columbia. thank you very much.

  3. As Seen On TV on Mon, 6th Jul 2009 10:55 am 



    Unfortunately this offer is only currenlty available in the US.

  4. David on Wed, 15th Jul 2009 12:00 pm 


    on the infomercial it says now availabla in the U.S. Implying it has sold elsewhere. Where else has this product been sold.

  5. Nan Williamson on Tue, 4th Aug 2009 7:18 am 


    I am a Personal Trainer..I love it..I used to use my hand as resistance..same here is a product..I am so excited about this product..just like working the takes time of course..but don’t give up..Anyone who say’s it does not work..has given up..don’t listen to them..they are quiters..Stick with it!!!Chin up..and Good luck.

  6. Warren on Sun, 27th Feb 2011 5:55 am 


    Hi, I live in Hong Kong and wish to purchase this “Neckline Slimmer”, which seller actually deliver to Hong Kong?

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