Derma Seta


Derma SetaDerma Seta is the professional, handheld mini skin spa that not only removes hair painlessly but also exfoliates your skin to make it softer and more radiant.  

With the Derma Seta, you’ll get all many of the benefits of those pricey spa skin treatments but without the expensive spa prices.

It removes unwanted hair by using the derma crystal pads which the Derma Seta unit rotates up to 550 times per minute to provide painless hair removal.

While removing unwanted hair it also polishes, exfoliates and buffers your skin to make them more beautiful. You no longer have to wax and pluck or waste time shaving.

Plus the Derma Seta has 9 different attachments for a full body spa treatment. You can use the attachments to remove calluses, cleanse your face, massage your skin, exfoliate dry skin and more.

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The Derma Seta basic system includes the Derma Seta unit along with 9 different attachments. It costs only 2 easy payments of $29.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. 

Or you can order the rechargeable Derma Seta system for 2 easy payments of $39.99 plus shipping and handling. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get the Derma Seta Instant Hair Removal and Spa Kit

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12 Comments on "Derma Seta"

  1. lynne on Fri, 26th Nov 2010 7:02 pm 


    what’s the difference between the rechargeable and the basic system?

  2. As Seen On TV on Sat, 27th Nov 2010 12:06 am 



    The basic system uses regular akaline batteries. The rechargable unit has a built in rechargable battery.

  3. Ashok Bhatt on Tue, 7th Dec 2010 2:46 am 


    Please tell me how to buy the derma seta online for a delivery destination in New Delhi, India.

  4. Imra on Fri, 10th Dec 2010 2:00 pm 


    Hi, does the hair come back thicker or thinner after using the Derma Seta?

  5. Subhashini on Wed, 23rd Feb 2011 2:28 am 


    Is this product Derma Seta available in Mauritius or can I order it online and have it delivered to me by courier?

    Thank you

  6. Faraz on Sat, 26th Feb 2011 2:23 pm 


    Is Derma Seta Available In Pakistan????

  7. Tinu Ginoy on Mon, 11th Jul 2011 1:43 am 


    Is derma seta avilable in middle east?

  8. Payal on Wed, 3rd Aug 2011 7:16 am 


    Can u plz tell me how to order this product???

  9. googie on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 7:06 am 


    tell me the contact no to order

  10. Geri Calais on Sat, 20th Aug 2011 8:31 am 


    Where can the replacement pads be purchased and at what cost

  11. dr.komal dhameja on Wed, 25th Jan 2012 6:50 am 


    please tell me how to get a derma seta for a delivery destination in varanasi

  12. Sharon on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 1:22 am 


    Is it available in mauriTius n where??

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