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Flirty Girl FitnessCreated by Kerry and Krista Knee, the Flirty Girl Fitness program is a fun and exciting way to unlock your inner diva and get the body you want.

With the Flirty Girl program, there are no boring repetitive routines to do and no tiresome treadmills. You’ll learn some of the worlds sexiest dance moves.

These includes dances from videos, club dancing and even exotic dancing that are fast, fun fat burning routines anyone can do.

The secret behind Flirty Girl Fitness is in the specially designed dance moves that use your own body weight. This creates targeted muscle toning resistance.

While you think and feel like you’re just having fun and dancing to the music, you’ll also be burning calories plus losing pounds and inches.

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The Flirty Girl Fitness program includes 2 phenomenal fitness routines on DVD: Booty Beat and Chair Dance.  Plus it comes with a bonus workout DVD, Sexy Stretch and the full color Flirty, Fit and Fabulous booklet.

Order the Flirty Girl Fitness program for just $9.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

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2 Comments on "Flirty Girl Fitness"

  1. Dawnna on Tue, 19th Apr 2011 12:26 pm 


    I have a question for you ladies. I have had a stroke and have a brain tumor which virtually renders me with a limited capacity to walk and/or maintain my balance. I have gained 130 lbs in the last 5 years and I NEED HELP…Can you suggest a starting off point for me? My legs are slender and strong it’s just that I have steroid weight and fat weight so I look like a barrel. PLEASE HELP!!~~

  2. Miranda Corcoran on Sat, 14th Apr 2012 4:13 pm 


    I have ms that is getting worse. I do virtually no exercise now, and my legs are stiff and hurt, even after just walking a few blocks. Does Flirty Girl have yoga and tai chi on it?

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