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Bender BallThe Bender Ball system can help you sculpt your ads fast. With the Bender Ball, every move you make sculpts your abs perfectly. Leslee Bender’s Selective Stabilization method gets your muscles working at the maximum intensity, targeting the muscles across your midsection.

The Bender Ball workout can surpass a workout of standard crunches by up to an amazing 408%. This means you don’t have to spend as much working in order to get the beautiful abs you want.

The Bender method of selective stabilizationt cranks up the intensity and targets the muscles you want from all sides. This includes your upper abs, the sides and those hard to reach lower abs.

What you’re seeing in the gym are people doing a gazillion crunches and they don’t know why they’re not getting results they want. With a regular crunch on the floor, you are limited. You can only go forward, you cannot go back. With the Bender Ball, you’re getting extension back and flexing forward, which works your muscles more effectively.

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You can purchase the Bender Ball and the instruction DVDs for only $12.98 plus the cost of shipping.

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