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H2O Mop X5The all new H2O Mop X5 is the new and improved steam mop that is leaner and greener than before. It is an amazing 5 in 1 cleaning machine.

With the built-in portable steamer, not only can you thoroughly clean all your floors but you keep your entire house clean too.

The H2O Mop X5 can used on almost all floors surfaces. This includes marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor, parquet and more.

It deodorizes, sanitizes and cleans by converting water to steam. You now no longer have buy those chemical cleaners which can by harsh on your floors and also damage the environment in order to keep your floors clean.

When the H2O Mop X5 makes contact with floor surfaces, dirt and grime can be eliminated in just seconds. You can detach the steam generator from the base and now it is a powerful handheld steamer.

You can use it to cut through baked on oven mess, sanitize your kid’s toys, steam clean your windows and also your garments. Attach the include Carpet Glider and it turns into a carpet steamer so you can steam clean your carpets.

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The H2O Mop X5 sells for $119.85 and comes with free shipping and handling. You’ll get the H2O Mop X5, Microfiber Floor Cloth, Carpet Glider along with an assortment of attahcments.

They include the Jet Nozzle Attachments, Extension Hose, Dusting and Polishing Wand, Windows Glass and Mirror Attachment, and the Garment and Upholstery Attachment.

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10 Comments on "H2O Mop X5"

  1. kayaoka on Fri, 4th Feb 2011 8:00 pm 


    Steam cleaning is how the majority of things should be cleaned. I’m sure it would cut your cleaning time in half!! That would be great.

  2. Tracy Hansen on Fri, 21st Oct 2011 11:12 am 


    I just saw this on tv I would love this its amazing and no chemicals!

  3. judy ward on Wed, 2nd Nov 2011 10:05 am 


    i am wondering if you can safely use this steam cleaner on laminate flooriing? i am considering buying one, and i would appreciate if you would let me know. thank you Judy Ward, please e mail asap, so I can either buy your product or search for another.

  4. s.s on Sat, 26th Nov 2011 2:36 am 


    what about barkeh floor?
    is it safe using it on them or not?!

  5. T Joiner on Sat, 4th Feb 2012 1:19 pm 


    I purchased this from HSN. I loved it until it stopped working. The on/off button is stuck on and the steamer gets hot on the outside but will not emit any steam. I bought this thru HSN in October 2011 and contacted them about my problem and they told me that I should contact the manufacturer. How can I get help with this? Is there a number I need to call or can you help me? I am thinking this should still be under warrenty. Thank You

  6. Jeanette Treadway on Fri, 10th Feb 2012 8:55 am 


    I can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach the cloth piece on to the window cleaner. It has a little string and plastic thing to indicate it tightens some how, but the piece is not split in anyway so it won’t slip over the tool. I am sure I am missing something, but the instructions do not help.

  7. diane kenney on Sat, 25th Feb 2012 8:51 pm 


    will this leave a film on laminate floors, so many do.

  8. Stephanie Jordan on Thu, 4th Oct 2012 12:23 pm 


    I purchased mine a year ago and a couple of months before the warranty was out the machine quite producing steam, nothing would come out. I did the vinegar and water solution to no avail so I called the company and they sent me a new body, all I had to pay was the shipping. I have had the new body for a couple of months now and the power button has quit working plus when I got the replacement I noticed that the body did not line up with the conection to the pole. I called and was told that since my warranty was up that it would cost me 40 dollars to replace. Since the new body is only 3 months old I found that unfair and I refuse to pay. I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back. This is the second H2O I have owned and the other was good for three years, I don’t think this one is as good and I am unsatisfied with the company.

  9. zactory mcwilliams on Mon, 29th Oct 2012 3:44 pm 


    I need to order pads for my H2O MOP X5

  10. Doreen on Fri, 22nd Nov 2013 2:21 pm 


    Looking for handle replacement for x5

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