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Supreme 90 DayYou can get ripped, strong and lean in just 90 days or less with the Supreme 90 Day workout. It is going to kick your butt and get your body ripped.

Ordinary workouts lose steam quikcly because your muscles plateau and you stop getting results. However Supreme 90 Day uses the power of muscle confusion to accelerate results.

Each routine contains shocking moves so your body will stay constantly challenged throughout the 90 day workout program. You will keep on getting into better shape and stronger.

With the Supreme 90 Day program it is possible to get into great shape and ripped without ever having to go to the gym.

Supreme 90 Day is  is backed by real science and the results speak for themselves. In an independent clinical study which was conducted, an astounding 88% of the participants were able to shed excess body fat, while sculpting their body with lean muscles.

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The Supreme 90 Day system comes with a total of 10 Supercharged Workout DVDs. It is priced at only $19.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling so anybody can afford it.

But there’s more because you’ll also receive a set of free bonus gifts with your order. It includes the bonus Supreme Rock Hard Abs DVD, the Supreme Nutrition book by Tosca Reno, and a Success Chart.

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3 Comments on "Supreme 90 Day"

  1. Donna Padgett on Fri, 26th Nov 2010 7:07 am 


    How long are each of the DVD workouts? How many days a week do you need to do the workouts?

  2. Linda Young on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 7:18 pm 


    Do you need weights, bands or bars? Also, the price being advertised at only $19.99 + s.h. however I also saw it advertised st 2 payments of $19.99, which is the correct price?

  3. Natasha Edwards on Mon, 28th Mar 2011 5:27 am 


    Why don’t you ship to the UK?

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