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MultimasterThe Fein MultiMaster is the amazing commercial grade professional power tool that is perfect for home remodeling and renovation.

It is 7 tools in 1 and is easier to handle, more precise and safer to use than other power tools.

The MultiMaster has variable oscillating speed along with a broad assortment of accessory blades to handle hundreds of previously manual tasks.

You can use the MultiMaster to detail sand, saw wood, plastic, fiberglass and metal,  undercut, notch, plunge cut, flush cut, scarp, remove grout and more.

The secret behind the MultiMaster is in the oscillation. It doesn’t rotate or orbit like other power tools. It oscillates at up to 350 times per second.

The oscillation allows you to do extremely fine and delicate work or be more aggressive depending on the accessory blade and material.

The Fein MultiMaster Home Remodeling Kit includes the MultiMaster along with these 10 accessories:

  • FMM 250Q – Variable Speed Quick Change Tool
  • Triangle Sanding Pad without holes with hook & loop fastener
  • Triangle Sanding Pad with holes for dust extraction
  • 40 Sheets of Sand Paper (20 with holes, 20 without holes)
  • Dust Extraction Attachment
  • Profile Sanding Attachment
  • E-Cut Universal Blade
  • High Speed Steel Segment Saw Blade
  • Scraper Blade
  • Grout Cutting Blade
  • Carbide Rasp

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You can order the MultiMaster for just 4 easy payments of $99.75 or 1 easy payment of $399.00. It comes with free expedited processing and shipping.

Update: This offer has expired

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2 Comments on "MultiMaster"

  1. James Miracle on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 7:36 pm 


    I would like to own a multimaster, but cant swing 400 cashmere at once. Do u know when there will be another tv special?

  2. Beverly on Thu, 22nd May 2014 9:08 am 


    I need to order some more blades for my fein multimaster. Can you tell me how I can order them.

    Thank You


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