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X-HoseThe X-Hose is the incredible expanding gardening hose and the world’s first and only hose of it’s kind. It makes traditional water hoses obsolete.

When not in use the X-Hose remains contracted in a smaller compact size. Turn the water on and it will automatically expand up to 3 times in length.

When you turn the water off in just seconds the X-Hose will automatically contract back again as the water drains away. It’s that simple.

With the automatic expanding and contracting design the X-Hose is convenient to store when not in use. Plus the special design of the X-Hose ensures that it will never kink, twist, and tangle up. So you won’t ever have to waste any time untangling.

Not only is the X-Hose super strong and durable but it is also ultra lightweight. The 50 feet expanded X-Hose weighs just about 1 lb, making it easy to carry and move around when doing your watering.

The X-Hose features a powerful spray too. You can use it to easily clean dirt and grime off your car or reach and clean second story windows with no problems.

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A 9 Feet X-Hose that fully expands to 25 Feet sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. There’s also a 18.5 feet X-Hose which expands to 50 feet available that costs for $39.95 plus shipping.

You can also order an X-Hose Combo Kit with a 25 Feet and 50 Feet for $49.95 plus shipping and save $10. Or get the X-Hose Combo Kit with two 50 feet hoses for $59.95  plus shipping and save almost $20.

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