OPC Factor

OPC FactorOPC Factor from cell essentials contains the most powerful antioxidants on Earth and is the smartest way to absorb them.

It is one of the leading health products for detoxifying your body of waste, fat, sugar build up, free radicals and even parasites.

If you are suffering from low energy levels, frequent illness, high cholesterol, or joint and muscle pains then OPC Factor can help.

OPC Factor has also been proven to help fight free radical damage, increase energy, reduce inflammation, decrease cholesterol levels, diminish joint and muscle pain, reduce PMS, reduce food cravings and improve overall health.

The all-natural and antioxidant rich formula in OPC Factor contains red wine grape skin extract, grape seed, French maritime pine bark, Bilberry extract, Lycopene, Vitamin A, Ester C, Vitamin E, Selenium and much more.

OPC Factors comes in an effervescent drink mix form with a great tasting fruit flavor. It allows for maximum absorption and at much higher rates than pills or capsules.

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Order a box of OPC Factor for just $59.95 plus shipping and handling. With your order you’ll get a second of 4 free bonus gifts.

They include The Aging Antidote book, a free quick start guide, a free Restore Face Creme and “The Miracles of OPCs” informational DVD.

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3 Comments on "OPC Factor"

  1. Marie Anne Alonzo on Sun, 21st Jun 2009 11:29 am 


    I would like to purchase this kind of product but I don’t know where it is available here in the Philippines. Can you help me with this?

  2. dorothy trahan on Tue, 5th Apr 2011 12:31 pm 


    on the buy 2 get 1 free is all of the boxes contains 60 or 30 days supply

  3. john smiley on Fri, 30th Sep 2011 11:43 am 



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