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Freeze 24-7Look and feel younger today with Freeze 24-7. You can reduce the signs of aging in just minutes and see up to a 90% visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Just a small dab in the morning and in the evening will keep you looking young and youthful throughout the day.

Freeze 24-7 works on crows feet, under eye circles, forehead wrinkles, lip lines, and other signs of aging.

Many stars, celebrities, models, and makeup artists have been using Freeze 24-7 as their secret to prevent aging.

Freeze 24-7 has been featured before in many top beauty magazines and in the news and talk shows. It has been named an Allure Magazine Editor’s Pick.

The secret behind Freeze 24-7 is their potent GABA FX Complex. It contains Gaba, the body’s natural muscle relaxant, along with Gynostemma to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Freeze 24-7 is currently offering a special 30-day free trial offer where you just have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling. Or you can purchase the entire system for just 2 easy payments of $49.99.

The offer includes the Freeze 24-7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment, Anti-Aging Eye Serum, Anti-Aging Prep & Polish, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, and the Ice Shield Facial Cleanser w/ SPF 15 protection.

Update: This offer has expired

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4 Comments on "Freeze 24-7"

  1. Margaret Rivera on Wed, 17th Jun 2009 11:59 am 


    I need an 1-800 # to talk to someone in Customer Service ,I placed an order and have not recevied.My Conf#09050ll45053864.

  2. As Seen On TV on Wed, 17th Jun 2009 12:10 pm 



    You can contact Freeze 24-7 Customer Service at 1-888-340-4747

  3. Denise O'Connor on Tue, 8th Sep 2009 3:58 am 


    Hi, I was looking into ordering your trial of Wrinkle Freeze however when i filled out the form to order this product it didn’t have Australia. So i am wondering if it is possible to order in Australia. Cheers, Denise.

  4. As Seen On TV on Sat, 12th Sep 2009 5:17 pm 



    Unfortunately this offer is only available to United States and Canada.

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