Focus Factor

Focus FactorFocus Factor is America’s number one selling memory enhancement supplement. It uses a proprietary blend ingredients that helps support memory, focus, and concentration.

The unique and patented-pending formula in Focus Factor features nutrients and neuro-boosters are the key behind its effectiveness.

Each of the ingredient used were chosen for their ability to help feed and nourish the brain. Plus since these ingredients are so nutrient rich, Focus Factor can also take the place of your current multivitamin.

By providing your brain the nourishment it needs, you can help it perform as its optimal level. Over 4 million bottles of Focus Factor have already been sold across the world.

Some of the key ingredients found in Focus Factor includes natural beta-carotene, natural vitamin E, 6  different forms of vitamin C, and 3 different sources of magnesium.

In addition, Focus Factor also has proprietary neuro-boosters that help support the memory. It includes DMAE, botanical extracts, and DHA omega-3 fatty acid.

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The retail cost of a single 120 count bottle of Focus Factor is normally $84.95 but right you can try a single 60 count bottle of Focus Factor for free. It is a $40 value and you just have to pay $4.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Or take advantage of a buy 2 get 1 free offer and get 3 bottles Focus Factor, a total of 360 tablets, for just $169.90 plus shipping and handling.

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