Ab Circle Pro V2.0

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Ab Circle ProThe Ab Circle Pro V2.0 is the treadmill for your abs that lets you lose those love handles nobody loves and get your body into shape.

The unique patented Friction Free Track of the Ab Circle Pro will get you off the floor for a more effective workout. The three levels of resistance makes it perfect for any fitness level, whether you are a rookie or pro.

The Ab Circle Pro is designed to work out your  upper, middle, and lower abs all at once with its circular motion workout to save you tove.

This allows you to lose the love handles and get the sexy abs you’ve always wanted in as little as 3 minutes a day. Not only can the Ab Circle Pro help you lose your love handles, the workouts can also slim down the buns, hips and thighs too.

The Ab Circle Pro is made with gym quality steel that is built to last. Plus it is also designed for convenient storage. You can easily fold it up and place it under the bed or in the closet to save space.

New and improved features now includes an upgraded wheel set, larger more comfortable knee pads, improved easy-glide pivot points, and easier rolling with a friction free track. 

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The complete Ab Circle Pro system comes with the Ab Circle Pro unit, a reduced-calorie diet plan,the Slim Down DVD and 30-minute Fat Blasting DVD. It sells for $149.75 plus shipping and hanlding.

Currently the company is offering a 30 day free trial of Ab Circle. You just have to pay $14.95 plus the shipping and handling cost to try in your home for 30 days first, risk free.

Get the trial offer of the Ab Circle Pro V2.0

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42 Comments on "Ab Circle Pro V2.0"

  1. shamly sud on Mon, 1st Jun 2009 4:33 am 


    Will you be supplying to the uk

  2. As Seen On TV on Tue, 2nd Jun 2009 11:04 am 



    This current special offer is only available for residents in the US and Canda. However there may be some retailers in the UK that sell the Ab Cirlce Pro.

  3. loz on Fri, 3rd Jul 2009 2:37 pm 


    Who will be the retailers and when?

  4. SC Steve on Sat, 4th Jul 2009 11:28 pm 


    What is the total weight of a person that can use the AB CIRCLE?

  5. As Seen On TV on Sun, 5th Jul 2009 11:38 am 



    The maximum weight capacity the Ab Circle can support is around 275 lbs.

  6. Helen McPhee on Mon, 6th Jul 2009 7:11 am 


    Please can you tell me when the Ab Circle Pro machine will be avialable in the Uk.
    I have returned from holiday in Canada and watched the offer on TV. However on my retrun to the Uk this is not yet available.
    Please let this be soon, as I believe it would sell very well.
    Helen McPhee

  7. PRASHANTHI on Mon, 15th Feb 2010 2:07 am 



  8. dionne kirton on Wed, 24th Feb 2010 10:40 am 


    i am living in st.maarten and i would like to know how i can get an ab circle sent to me, how long will it take and how much will it cost me.

  9. georgeta on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 12:05 pm 


    It is wonderful!
    I need ABCIRCLE in Romania too.
    Whed do you think that this object will be available inRomania?

  10. Andrina Bosio on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 3:19 am 


    Can the AB Circle Pro be sent to Gibraltar?

  11. Jesica Shekori on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 5:33 am 


    Guys I’m from Helsinki Finland and there’s an office in Sweden and I got one there. It’s really worth buying AB circle.

  12. naim on Thu, 24th Jun 2010 12:37 pm 


    its great

  13. emma on Fri, 6th Aug 2010 8:11 pm 


    how can i get ths in newzealand??

  14. Myriam on Wed, 18th Aug 2010 12:35 am 


    Where can i get that in Swedem ?

  15. Miguel on Sat, 21st Aug 2010 6:22 am 


    i would like to know if the ab circle pro is abailable in Melbourne Australia

  16. Aline on Wed, 25th Aug 2010 1:34 am 


    Hi! I’m Aline from Rwanda I want to ask you how I can Get that Machine( AB Circle) and how I can pay for it cause I live far> I don’t know if you know where Rwanda is! It’s in Africa.
    Thank you.

  17. Marcia on Sun, 5th Sep 2010 3:26 pm 


    I need to know how many calories you burn using the ab circle machine for 3 minutes? it’s equal to 100 sit ups.

    Thank you!


  18. Donna hickey on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 5:23 pm 


    where can i buy one on the goldcoast

  19. Allen Mandi on Tue, 14th Sep 2010 5:29 pm 


    I am from Papua New Guinae and have weight problem.I watched GWN TV program and I am really Pesruded about the product.
    Please I need to buy that product.

  20. Lissa on Fri, 17th Sep 2010 1:06 am 


    whats the number to call? or how do u buy online ?

  21. Tracy Ranton on Wed, 6th Oct 2010 7:26 pm 


    When is available in Australia? Will it be available on mail order?

  22. VG on Sat, 9th Oct 2010 10:13 pm 


    Is this available in madagascar

  23. Owen Cas on Mon, 15th Nov 2010 12:18 am 


    Hi their, as seen on TV program, i am very interested in the AB circle pro and wondering if possible mail out?? or where to purchase?? (In Australia, Melbourne)

  24. theresa godin on Tue, 16th Nov 2010 1:51 pm 


    where can i purchase this in bendigo victoria australia

  25. Roth on Sun, 21st Nov 2010 8:11 pm 


    Is it available in Austrlia? as i saw it adv. in austlia tv. How much for deliverie?

  26. Gus Benson on Sun, 2nd Jan 2011 3:48 am 


    I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but I’m not sure the ab circle is such a great product for getting toned abs. I mean, don’t you have to look at weight loss and nutrition first, before starting to work on your abdominal muscles?

  27. Almarie Phillips on Mon, 10th Jan 2011 3:27 am 


    I would like to buy this product but do not know where i can buy it.

    Can you please send me some information.

  28. Jusiliano Fernandes on Tue, 25th Jan 2011 10:15 pm 


    i like

  29. Vanessa on Wed, 30th Mar 2011 10:01 am 


    Hi im from Ireland and i need an Ab circle pro… Do u have to be over a certain weight to lose the 10pounds in 2weeks..????

  30. sara on Mon, 4th Apr 2011 2:32 pm 


    where can i buy a new ab circle pro not a used one on the gold coast

  31. Steve N on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 8:31 pm 


    It seems like a great product!!!! BUT why are so many people having so much trouble trying to buy it?????

  32. Steve N on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 8:32 pm 


    I live in Australia, Qeensland, Mackay. Where can I buy Ab Circle Pro????

  33. melissa on Sun, 10th Apr 2011 3:46 am 


    Can you please tell if you ship the ab circle pro to Australia???

  34. nazareth on Fri, 22nd Apr 2011 8:53 pm 


    Where can i get Ab circle in Melbourne?

  35. alisla on Tue, 3rd May 2011 6:49 pm 


    Where can i the ab Circle pro in a Australia or do u post to Australia

  36. Emma Murray on Fri, 27th May 2011 6:42 am 



  37. fiona craig on Mon, 13th Jun 2011 9:16 pm 


    besides ebay how do you buy it in Australia

  38. cata fusco on Wed, 29th Jun 2011 9:27 pm 


    I am extremely happy with results and love it to bits. however it has not lasted for long as it has broken down on me. not sure if i have been given a faulty one. would like someone to help me in replacing it as i am desperate and cant do without it i was not sure what to do about this. but i love it and want it back. please help.

  39. alanna on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 4:03 am 


    Hi, i was wondering where i can buy ine in australia besides ebay. i cant get it off the ab circle website as it is only US postage…

  40. Kadina on Sun, 24th Jul 2011 9:16 pm 


    How do get one in Australia? I really want one of these :’(

  41. namhla on Mon, 15th Aug 2011 6:18 am 


    I am in SA where can I buy??

  42. Lezie Anderson on Sun, 5th Feb 2012 2:57 am 


    I have just been given an AB circle and I dont know how to get it moving am I to heavy for it I am 117 kgs please help me

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