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Smart MopThe Smart Mop is the super absorbent mop that picks up liquid in just seconds. It will also pick up sand, dirt, dust, ketchup, pet hair, and much more.

This amazing mop can hold up to 10 times its own weight in liquid and helps you cut down your cleaning time in half.

With the Smart Mop there is no sweeping are vacuuming required. Plus it works either wet or dry.

No other mop can hold as Smart Mop. It lets you suck up even the biggest spills all at once  and without any spills.

The special design of the Smart Mop allows you to ring out just by twisting the handle. You never have to bend your back or get your hands wet.

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Normally the Smart Mop along with 3 Smart Cloths costs $19.99 plus shipping and handling. But right now there is a special double offer where you can get a total of 2 Smart Mops and 6 Smart Cloths for same price. You just have to pay the additional shipping of the second set.

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