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Wipe NewWipe New is a car surface restorer which makes weathered and sun damaged vehicles shine like new again. Unlike other solutions all it takes is just one application and the results will last for years.

Other car surface restorers that are silicone based fades away fast and you need to constantly reapply in order to keep your car looking like new. But not anymore with Wipe New.

You can save tons of money and your time. Wipe New is one the world’s longest and best solution for restoring and protecting your vehicle.

The secret behind Wipe New is the revolutionary nanotechnology formula. When you wipe it on the nano-polymer inside will bind onto your vehicle and permanently restore luster and shine.

The faded and weathered surfaces will look like new again. Plus the formula in Wipe New will  help protect your car against the elements whether it is sun or rain.

You can use Wipe New on your bumpers, headlights, dashboards, side view mirrors, and even vinyl seats.  It also works great for boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATV’s and more.

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A single Double Sized Bottle Of Wipe New sells for $19.99 plus the cost of shipping and handing. Currently with this special offer you’ll also get a free Pro Detailing & Headlight Restoration Kit for free by paying the extra shipping for it.

The Pro Detail Kit includes :2 Yellow Wipe New Applicator Cloths,  a Red Headlight Applicator Cloth, a Blue Headlight Polishing Block, a Detail Brush, and Nitrile gloves.

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