1929 Indian Head Proof

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1929 $5 Indian Head ProofGet a recreation of one of the last $5 Indian Head gold pieces ever struck by the US government with the 1929 $5 Indian Head Proof from National Collector’s Mint.

This is a non-monetary replica of one of the rarest and most prized coins ever made in American history.  When the original $5 Gold Indian was released in 1908 it initially shocked the public.

The design of the “Indian Head” is incuse, meaning it was sunken into the surface of the coin, rather than being raised above like coins traditionally were.

The front of the $5 Gold Indian features the portrait of a  strong, brave Indian warrior with a war bonnet. The feature a majestic eagle grasping an olive branch to symbolize peace.

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Now you too can own the rare 1929 $5 Indian Head gold piece recreated as a 13 mg 24 kt pure gold clad proof with the 1929 $5 Indian Head Proof.

Order the $5 Gold Indian Proof today for just $19.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Each piece comes with a individually numbered certificate of authenticity. There is a strict limit of 5 proofs per order.

Get the 1929 $5 Indian Head Proof

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