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Zasshu KnifeThe Zasshu Knife is the one good knife that every kitchen needs. It is a hybrid knife that combines the cutting edge of a mezzaluna knife, the chopping power of a cleaver and the versatility of a chef’s knife.

It is made with quality Japanese steel and engineered with Japanese technology that allows it to cut anything and everything.

The Zasshu is perfectly balanced and is designed to stay sharp and hold its edge.

The rounded edge of the Zasshu Knifes makes cutting vegetables quick and easy while the rounded bottom allows you to make clean and precise cuts.

The Zasshu has a curve for your thumb, enabling you to have more control when using the knife in a rocking motion.

Plus the wide blade makes it easier to scoop your chopped foods from the cutting board into your pot or pan.

Use the Zasshu Knife to cuts through vegetables, fruits, meats, cheese and more. It the perfect complement to your current knife set or as a  go-to knife for all your cutting needs.

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You can order the Zasshu Knife for just $29.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. It comes with a handsome wooden storage and display box for free.

In addition, you’ll also receive a Zasshu Pairing Knife for free with your order. Just pay the additional shipping and processing cost.

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